Briefly In English

Salo Clubhouse is meant for working-aged people  who currently have, or previously have had a mental health condition.

The Clubhouse is a membership community consisting of mental health rehabilitators and a hired staff. The work-oriented rehabilitation is based on the international Fountain House model. The goal is to improve the rehabilitator’s life quality, to decrease the need of hospitalization and to support the returning to education or to work life.

Members and staff participate both in planning, development and implementation of the Clubhouse’ activities. The membership is voluntarily and does not oblige to anything. A medical referral is not required. The Clubhouse offers work-oriented activities and peer support based on personal needs. The Clubhouse membership is free of charge and without time limit. A membership can  be applied for after four initiating visits.

Important to know is also that the Clubhouse is NOT a treatment place, but instead completes other mental health services.

Salo Clubhouse has a kitchen, an IT- and administration unit.

In the kitchen, members can daily buy a lunch at an affordable price. We also run the cafeteria.

The IT and administration take care of the reception, compose the magazine and document the use and activities of the Clubhouse.

You are always welcome to get acquainted with Salo Clubhouse!